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Universal Import-Export Corporation is a member of FIEO. FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations) represents the spirit of enterprise of Indian enterprises in the global market. In 1965, the Ministry of Commerce, the Government of India, and private commerce and industry formed this top body of Indian export promotion groups. As a result, FIEO is a partner of the Government of India in promoting Indian exports. 

Imports and exports are the core components of international trade. Imports are the commodities or services purchased in one nation that was manufactured in another. Exports are the commodities or services manufactured in one nation and sold to buyers in another. A country’s importing and exporting operations can affect its GDP, exchange rate, inflation, and interest rates. When a country imports products, it indicates a capital outflow from that country. Exporting may boost sales and earnings by expanding into new regions, and it may even provide an opportunity to gain a major worldwide market share.

Why choose us?

Universal Import Export Corporation has been registered with FIEO to become a reliable source for our clients who see us as a means for transferring their goods and services both in the country as well as globally.

We play a significant role in the paper mill industry and are merchandise importers and exporters of a diverse range of paper mill industry commodities.

Buyers can select from a variety of alternatives and Paper Mills. However, the main reason for dealing with the Universal Import Export Corporation is that we have business relationships with the majority of paper mills in India, therefore quantity and quality are not an issue.


Why focus on paper mills?


Paper mills produce paper from pulp, a fibrous substance generated from wood, in the Paper Mills industry. Mill owners can either make their pulp or buy it. Paper rolls and reams and printing and writing paper, newspaper, packaging material, and home sheets are examples of industrial goods.

The paper and pulp industry are a big and growing part of the global economy that has grown and will continue to expand shortly in the near future.

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